#U Sculpture


The #U sculpture is currently installed in the Chelsea, Mi Sculpture Walk! It will be in front of the Chelsea State Bank downtown for a year! We really appreciate your sharing and tagging photos of you and the sculpture with #U #searchandfindu
 We are very excited to participate in this grand event in a truly beautiful city! Check out the Chelsea Sculpture Walk


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Pictured at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum during ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Mi.

#U is a statement, in a Twitter/Texting vernacular, societies digital shorthand. A hashtag is used to search & find digital content. We want to discuss how it effects communication. With 2 characters we ask you to Search & Find You, in a big & bold way. Orange is a hat tip to the inaugural ArtPrize & it's logo - "where anyone can find a voice in the conversation about what is art and why it matters." We want to emphasize & encourage that vital part of ArtPrize. "Search & Find You" in Art, in the experience, in the discussion. Search & Find You in ArtPrize. The sculpture took on deeper meaning after our family lost a wonderful young man Nathaniel William Wylie to suicide just before Christmas. It is a heartfelt request to anyone feeling trapped...Search & Find You for a way to live one more day...every day. For light & peace, it is there. Search & Find You for the truth, the Truth is, You are needed. We hope to benefit the Michigan Association for Suicide Prevention with this Talisman.

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We have #U Magnets, key chains, pendants and prints of the ArtPrize poster available at https://www.616art.com/art/sculpture/


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